Bring Back the Squeeze

by Kate Dee, MD

I did not set out to join the bandwagon of feminine rejuvenation. I was skeptical and was under the impression that it was all about “what it looked like” down there. It is not like you’re going to be taking selfies in your nether-region…

But I was so wrong. It is not about that at all.

I first started looking into these treatments when I was asked to evaluate a new hand piece that was promising a huge improvement over existing technology. The new Ultra Femme 360 uses RF technology applied in a 360 degree fashion, producing a more uniform result in a fraction of the time, and it is painless. The device itself is a clear winner.

I was still unsure about venturing down there… So I began collecting testimonials from women who have undergone treatment. And that’s what convinced me to do it. First there were young women who had given birth. They were “all stretched out” and sex had not been the same since the kids came along. And then there was the dribbling. The amazing thing is that these women found a difference after just 1 treatment. And the biggest shocker for me was that their partners were the ones who could feel it first. It brings back the tight squeeze that used to be there. And dribbling went away. And WOW, they also experienced heightened pleasure. You can watch videos of actual testimonials on our web site here.

Then there are all the women who suffer major changes after menopause. The tissue thins out and becomes dry. And there is dribbling. Often sex becomes painful and some women actually have to give it up due to pain. Because the Ultra Femme causes collagen stimulation, the tissues thicken and produce more moisture. Sex no longer is painful. The dribbling and dryness go away. Many women who are on hormones for these reasons might actually be able to stop them if needed-- for instance if they’ve had breast cancer and can’t be on hormones.

Yes, you can also tighten the tissues on the outside too. For women who are stretched out, this has some big advantages. But it is all about the whole picture. If we can stop dribbling and dryness, and help women and their partners to have fulfilling sex again, that’s amazingly powerful.

Testimonials from our first few patients at Glow:

“I swear I had the best orgasm of my life the day after my first treatment.” -- patient a

“It feels different-- I can feel a much tighter squeeze.” -- partner of patient b

“I still have a tiny bit of dribbling but it is so much better just after 1 treatment. I can’t wait to have the second.” -- patient c

If you are interested in finding out more, I offer consultations so you can ask all those questions in person. Call us at 206-228-7281 or book directly online here.

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