Anti-Aging Ingredients: Antioxidants

by Kate Dee, MD 

There are so many different antioxidants that I'm going to lump them all into one discussion. Green tea, coenzyme Q10, resveratrol, lycopene, grape seed, vitamins A, C& E, coffee berry -- there are hundreds of antioxidants that are used in skin care products. There is no one magical ingredient that is the absolute end-all and be-all and they actually work best in combination, so the main goal is to ensure you include a variety of antioxidants in your daily skin care regimen.

Why are they so important? Antioxidants bind free radicals and block the damage they impose on the skin. Free radicals (caused by environmental exposure to smoke, UV radiation and sun)are the main source of skin damage, wrinkles, pigmentation and cancer. You simply cannot get too many antioxidants into your skin. When we are young, our skin is naturally filled with tons of antioxidants that protect skin from this damage. As we age our skin loses these natural antioxidants, and we must replace them if we want to keep our skin protected.

Antioxidants are an important part of both your diet and skin care regimen. You can read about foods for healthy skin in this previous post. Look for skin care products with a mix of a variety of antioxidants for best skin health. An antioxidant serum in the morning and evening is highly recommended.

Not sure what to use? Come in for a consultation!

And don't forget--the number one way to prevent sun damage is to wear a good sun block every day! Read more about sun block and UV rays here.

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