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per Unit



per 3 Units

Restylane and Juvederm


per syringe
Refyne, Defyne, Lyft, Kysse, Contour, Ultra, Ultra Plus



per syringe



PKG OF 6 $4100

Restylane Half Syringe


Tear Trough (Under Eye Filler)


Under eye - includes 1 syringe of filler, cannula technique

Under Eye Treatment Package


Package includes: 3 sessions of PRFM + LaseMD (resurfacing laser) around the eyes, and a Sente eye cream

Membership Price for Botox, Dysport and Dermal Filler

10% off

Discount on toxin and filler with active membership



package of 4 $4000
non surgical facelift, no needles, no downtime

GlowLift EM

Face & Neck $9000

Face only $8000
Includes Series of 3 sessions of Genius RF skin tightening of the Face and Neck, LaseMD Ultra resurfacing and a series of 6 EMFACE

The Glowlift

Face & Neck $7400

Face only $6400
The Glow Signature Service: Non-surgical facelift
Includes a series of 5 treatments:
3 Genius RF Skin Tightening plus 3 Lase MD Ultra Skin Resurfacing and
2 Sculptra sessions (2 vials each)

Genius RF Face


PKG OF 3 $3200
for skin tightening and acne scarring

Genius RF Face and Neck


PKG OF 3 $4500
for skin tightening and acne scarring

LaseMD Ultra Fractional Resurfacing


PKG OF 3 $1950

LaseMD Ultra Glow & Go


PKG OF 3 $1100
light treatment for melasma and anti-aging

PRP Facial rejuvenation


PKG OF 3 $2400
PRFM injections and microneedling with PRP

PRFM Tear Trough and Anti-aging Treatment


PKG OF 3 $1800
injections only

Microneedling with Biopelle Growth Factor Serum


PKG OF 3 $1200

Glow Signature Medical Facial


Deep cleanse your skin with a customized facial specially designed for your condition. Includes: cleanse, hot towel steam, microdermabrasion or dermaplane, chemical peel, extractions, Biocellulouse mask and LED red light therapy. Give your skin some much needed care and get your Glow back!

Hydrafacial Signature


30 minute treatment.

Hydrafacial Deluxe


45 minute treatment. Includes customized booster and LED light therapy.

Hydrafacial Platinum


60 minute treatment. Includes customized booster, LED light, and lymphatic drainage therapy.

Ultimate Glow Treatment


This multilayered treatment incorporates the best of our facial modalities to target a variety of skin issues along with replenishing tired and aging skin. The Ultimate Glow Treatment combines dermaplaning, your option of a shallow depth micro-channeling or a light LaseMD fractional resurfacing laser treatment, Biopelle Growth Factor infusion with a Bio-Cellulose moisture mask, and red LED light therapy. This treatment is comfortable with little down time. Let us help you turn your skin around, you will be amazed!

Acne Skin Treatment


Designed to help clear congested skin and resolve active acne breakouts. Includes extractions and salicylic peel (if indicated).



Using a diamond tip microdermabrasion device we lightly sand the skin to exfoliate and remove dry dead skin cells and smooth out rough and bumpy texture. Great for treating blackheads and to prep before a peel!



In this exfoliation treatment we use a surgical blade to manually remove dry dead skin cells and vellus hairs

SkinMedica Illuminize Peel


PKG OF 3 $250
SkinMedica peels provide vibrant, radiant looking skin with minimal downtime. Brighten the overall appearance of skin.

SkinMedica Vitalize Peel


PKG OF 3 $400

VI Peel/VI Purify for Acne


PKG OF 3 $875

VI Peel Precision Plus for Pigment and Melasma


PKG OF 3 $950

Thermo-Lo spot treatment

Single lesion $50

Multiple lesions 15 Min session $150

Laser spot treatment

Small area $200

Large area $400
Using the Clarity II



PKG OF 3 $400

BBL-IPL Face and Neck


PKG OF 3 $1800

BBL Forever Young IPL Photofacial


PKG OF 3 $1200

BBL Forever Clear IPL Acne Treatment


PKG OF 5 $1200

KeraLase for Hair Loss


PKG OF 3 $2100 / 6 $3800
KeraLase is a new and improved treatment over PRP. Package includes Kerafactor Shampoo and scalp serum.

Emsculpt Neo

Emsculpt Neo is two procedures in a single treatment: simultaneously uses Radiofrequency (RF) and HIFEM+ (high intensity magnetic field) to eliminate fat and build muscle. +25% More muscle AND -30% Less Fat in a 30 minute treatment

Emsculpt Neo: Choose 1 Body Part


Package of 4 $3600
Abdomen. Buttocks. Inner Thighs. Outer Thighs. Quads. Hamstrings. Love Handles/Obliques.

Emsculpt Neo Arms


Package of 4 $4400
Triceps and biceps, each 30 min

Emsculpt Neo Calves


Package of 4 $2600
Each treatment 20 min

Vaginal Rejuvenation


Package of 3 $2200
Our vaginal rejuvenation program treats: loose/stretched out tissues (for example after childbirth),dry, thinning tissues after menopause, pain duringintercourse, and urinary incontinence (dribbling).
The Ultra Femme 360 is an RF device that uses heat in a painless procedure to:
• Thicken and tighten the vaginal tissues
• Increase lubrication
• Decrease or eliminate dribbling
• Increase sexual pleasure

Laser Hair Removal - Face


PKG OF 6 $2250

Laser Hair Removal - Lip and Chin


PKG OF 6 $750

Laser Hair Removal - Jawline


PKG OF 6 $750

Laser Hair Removal - Cheeks


PKG OF 6 $750

Laser Hair Removal - Neck


PKG OF 6 $1000

Laser Hair Removal - Face and Neck


PKG OF 6 $2500

Laser Hair Removal - Underarms


PKG OF 6 $1000

Laser Hair Removal - Half Leg


PKG OF 6 $2000

Laser Hair Removal - Full Leg


PKG OF 6 $3200

Laser Hair Removal - Bikini


PKG OF 6 $1250

Laser Hair Removal - Bikini Extended


PKG OF 6 $1750

Laser Hair Removal - Back


PKG OF 6 $2500

Laser Hair Removal - Brazilian


PKG OF 6 $2250

Laser Hair Removal - Chest


PKG OF 6 $2000
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