Desiree otto, md

Desiree Otto, MD - kirkland physician

Des is a Seattle native who spent half of her formative years growing up on her family’s farm in Montana. She is passionate about patient care and science. She attended the University of Washington for medical school and surgical residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology. She has been in private practice in Obstetrics and Gynecology for 22 rewarding years bringing beautiful babies into the world.

Both prior to and during her medical training, Des’ passion for science led to her pursuit of discovery through scientific research. Her areas of study were collagen biology and skin disorders, reproductive biology, and cancer gene therapy. Through time, Des has become increasingly interested in combating the aging process, both for herself and her patients, especially since she turned 50. Des has been using her scientific training to carefully select specific medical techniques that are able to predictably achieve safe and natural-appearing results for her patients.

Desiree’s life long goal has always been to achieve medical excellence and she uses her passion and experience to deliver safe and effective products and services to her patients to yield beautiful natural results.

Dr. Desiree Otto of Glow Medispa Kirkland

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I came into the world of aesthetics in my late 40's. I wasn't focused on that world at all-- I was busy delivering babies. But I love it! I truly enjoy using my medical knowledge to help others look their naturally beautiful selves.

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