Kate Dee, MD, Founder

Dr. Kate Dee grew up in New York City and attended Yale for college and medical school, finishing her MD in 1994. She first came to Seattle for residency at the University of Washington in 1995 followed by fellowship in Breast Imaging at the University of California, San Francisco. She was a breast cancer specialist at Seattle Breast Center for 13 years, receiving Top Doc honors each year since 2010. After a successful career in breast cancer, Kate found her way to aesthetic medicine in her 40's when her expertise with needle procedures coincided with a deep interest in anti-aging techniques. Kate lives in West Seattle with her 3 teens. She especially loves to ski, cycle, play tennis and pickle ball.

Dr. Kate Dee is the author of Medspa Mayhem, and host of the podcast of the same name. Find out more on drkatedee.com!

Message from Kate: In this picture I am 54 and have no filler in my face!

drkatedee.com drkatedee.com
Dr. Kate Dee of Glow Medispa in Seattle and Kirkland

A message from Dr Dee

It has been my focus at Glow to appeal to people who believe as I do in a natural beauty-- who would be happy with a sensible approach that actually preserves healthy skin and makes you look your best as you age. My number one rule has always been safety -- because nothing in aesthetics is worth any permanent harm. (It is all elective after all).

My goal is to reach not only science geeks like me, but also to all those who are in a similar boat-- naturally wary of anyone promising the moon-- but who love looking great at any age.

Medspa Mayhem

Medspa Mayhem is a gripping memoir and exposé about the medical aesthetics industry. Read insider secrets revealing everything you ever did (or didn't) want to know about the wild west of the med spa world. How to discern what is real, what's fake, and how to get the best and avoid the worst.

I wrote this book after 9 years witnessing countless cases of illegal activity, careless disregard for the practice of medicine and little interest from law enforcement across the US. Find out how you can find someone you trust and avoid the shysters.

Delivery June 11, 2024

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