Finally: a treatment for Love Handles and Obliques

how to melt love handles

Body sculpting has come a long way. Since Emsculpt first came out in 2018, we have had great tools not only to kill fat but to build muscle. But the love handles and obliques have been difficult to treat. We have had great success in the abdomen and buttocks, arms and calves. Finally, BTL has designed a new applicator for the Emsculpt Neo that gets both the love handles and obliques. Enter: the Edge Applicator.

What are Love Handles?

“Love Handles” is an adorable name for those rolls of fat just above the hip bones that wrap around to the back. The love handles have been difficult to address because of their awkward location right near the bone and wrapping around our sides. Older technology that required suction of the fat didn’t work well because the love handles are not very mobile, and are hard to pull away from the bone. The traditional Emsculpt Neo paddles couldn’t reach over to the side that far. 

How can you get rid of Love Handles?

The Edge applicators for Emsculpt Neo have two components that are connected by a hinge. The front portion uses both High Frequency Electromagnetic (HIFEM) stimulation to the oblique muscles and Radiofrequency (RF) to heat the muscle and fat in order to kill fat and build muscle. The back portion provides only RF heating, melting the fat of the rear portion of the love handles that wraps around the back. 

How does the Edge applicator strengthen the oblique muscles of the abdomen?

The Edge applicators have a double coil system. The Edge applicators are specifically engineered to provide the homogeneous magnetic field necessary to target the oblique muscle group. They contain a combination of planar and focused coils in the applicator that allows the energy to penetrate through all three layers of oblique muscles (External, Internal and Transverse Oblique muscles) resulting in a better and smoother muscle contouring.

How does the Edge applicator target the fat in love handles?

The Edge applicator has four cross-sectional synchronized RF electrode segments to cover whole lateral abdomen area. The Edge is 50% larger area compared to the large applicators used for the central abdomen. The cross-synchronized electrodes segments deliver heat evenly to the tissue even in the hinge area. This creates a large curved treatment area that can be adjusted for any body shape. 

The Edge can be combined with the central abdomen treatments to treat the entire belly and love handles. We are thrilled to be able to offer a complete body contouring experience to our patients. 

Why do I need to stay hydrated for Emsculpt Neo to work?

Hydration levels of the fat and muscle are critical to the success of the treatment. The better hydrated you are, the more muscle you can build and the more fat dissolves. Both HIFEM and RF work better, plus the combination of the two see an improved result with higher levels of water in your system.

Do I have to diet for Body Sculpting to work? 

The short answer is no, you don’t have to go on any particular diet for these treatments to work. However, you also can’t be on a fat-building diet. Meaning, you can’t be busy building fat with your diet each day and expect a machine to burn it off. So, no fast food and doughnuts! Truly– people see the best results when they are on a healthy diet, get regular exercise and drink LOTS of water. Staying away from alcohol and minimizing caffeine (both of which are very dehydrating) also helps maximize your results from body contouring. Most people feel stronger in their muscles after only 1 treatment. To see fat loss and toning, it takes 1-3 months after the series is completed.

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