No More Sweaty Palms (or Armpits!)

By Kate Dee, MD

I just had a patient return to see me after I had treated her 10 months before for sweaty palms. I was so happy to see her, and asked what’s been going on in her life. She looked at me with a big smile and said, “Oh wow-- so much has happened since I last saw you!” It turns out that shortly after her treatment, she was offered a promotion. This new job entailed a lot of recruiting, travel and shaking hands. It was a job she never would have taken before. Her constant clammy wet hands were too embarrassing for her to be shaking hands for a living. But the thing is, she said, her palms started getting sweaty again 2 weeks ago, and she at first thought she was getting sick. “I forgot it was a thing!” But then after a day or two, she realized-- “Oh right! I need BOTOX!” She made an appointment right away to re-treat. She told me “Dr. Dee, you really changed my life.” Did I mention she got a big raise?

For people with excessive sweating (Hyperhidrosis), this can mean armpit stains every day all day long. It can mean shying away from ever shaking hands. It can sometimes mean avoiding human interaction for fear of embarrassment. It can be extremely limiting, in ways you might not even imagine.

Did you know that BOTOX and Dysport can make the sweating stop? Before BOTOX, treatments for hyperhidrosis were drastic, expensive, painful and often not all that effective. With BOTOX or Dysport, treatment is easy and usually lasts from 6-12 months. Injections in the armpit are surprisingly painless. Treatment of the palms does require a numbing cream. The effects set in within a few days, a bit faster for Dysport than BOTOX.

If you have questions about Hyperhidrosis or how to treat it, call us or click here to book a consultation online.

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