Science Geek Beauty

by Kate Dee, MD

I have always been intimidated by the mainstream beauty industry. Walking into a fancy spa, I have no inclination to believe the beautiful young girl with the long lashes and makeup when she tells me what she thinks will make me beautiful. I’m a science geek and I have never worn makeup and I am a skeptic. When they seem not to know how the treatment works and start using fake science terms, I’m thinking “I’m outta here.”

This does not mean I don’t like to look beautiful. Absolutely I do. I just want to look like myself. Well, like myself when I was 26. For a long time I saw my 26 year-old self in the mirror-- in fact I think I made it well past 40 before I noticed quite a few changes had occurred while I was not paying attention. It was then that my inner geek told me to use science to approach this problem-- it has always worked for me before.

In the last 10 years there have been many dramatic scientific advances in aesthetics. Gone are the days of fat-jiggling and miracle creams. OK there are still plenty of shysters out there, but there are also many legitimate effective treatments too. In the same way that physicists have figured out how to image the insides of your body with a giant magnet and radio waves (MRI machines don’t even touch you!) scientists have figured out how to melt fat, tighten skin, and smooth wrinkles without surgery.

It has been my focus at Glow to appeal to people who believe as I do in a natural beauty-- who would be happy with a sensible approach that actually preserves healthy skin and makes you look your best as you age. My number one rule has always been safety -- because nothing in aesthetics is worth any permanent harm. (It is all elective after all). The number two rule is effectiveness-- it simply has to make sense scientifically and it has to work. My third rule is it has to be reasonable-- both financially and in down time. If I look at a technology and think I wouldn’t do it, I don’t think my patients would either.

My goal is to reach out to not only to science geeks like me, but also to all those who are in a similar boat-- naturally wary of anyone promising the moon-- but who love looking great at any age. Feeling great in your skin gives a confidence in life that cannot be overestimated. We can help you do that, with a little help from science.

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