what to expect: emface

Emface is a non-invasive device designed to improve lift, volumize cheeks and increase collagen and elastin of the skin. Emface causes contractions of the lifting muscles of the face including the zygomaticus major and minor and risorius in a 20 minute treatment. RF is also applied simultaneously to potentiate the muscle results and stimulate collagen and elastin. The recommended number of treatments is 4. The treatment is typically 20 minutes per session, with sessions separated by at least 5-10 days, depending on your needs. Completing a full treatment series is necessary to maximize treatment efficacy. Additional treatments may be necessary depending on one’s starting condition and response to the procedure. Emface is often combined with other  skin rejuvenation techniques to attain the desired results. 

Before Treatment

No special instructions prior to treatment. For best results, we recommend that you are very well hydrated throughout the treatment period. It is best to avoid harsh exfoliants, at home peels or strong new retinol treatments just prior to treatment, but otherwise you can continue your normal skin care regimen before and after. Successful treatment can be affected by smoking or excessive alcohol consumption, eating disorders and rarely medications. 

On the day of the treatment,please come with a clean face and remove all makeup. Remove all jewelry from the face and neck. If you have abundant peach fuzz or hair on the face, please shave beforehand or have a dermaplaning within a week of treatment.

While no special diet is required, you are encouraged to eat healthfully to help promote and maintain results.

There is typically no pain associated with your treatment and there is no anesthetic required.
During the application you will feel painless contractions in the treated area. The procedure doesn’t require any recovery time. Typically, you can get back to your daily routine right after the treatment. 

Treatment considerations

  • Emface cannot be done in areas of the face with implanted metal. Patients with pacemakers or defibrillators cannot be treated.
  • Emface treatment must be done on clean, dry, intact skin.
  • Dental fillings are OK. Occasionally these require some gauze to be placed over the fillings.
  • Patients who are pregnant cannot undergo the treatment. 
  • Photographs are taken to evaluate treatment effectiveness and for medical documentation.
  • Results vary from person to person and that an exact result cannot be predicted. Completing a full treatment series is necessary to maximize treatment efficacy.
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