what to expect: sculptra


  • If you have a history of cold sores (herpes simplex) we can provide a prescription to prevent an outbreak. This is started the day before the procedure.
  • You do not have to stop retinols before Sculptra. There is no other preparation although we always recommend you are well-hydrated prior to any procedure.
  • Sculptra is prepared 4-7 days prior to your appointment. It is therefore very important to confirm your appointment a week ahead of time. Please let us know of any need to reschedule as soon as you possibly can. 

The day of the Procedure:

  • Prior to your first and last treatment we will take pictures.
  • A topical anesthetic will be applied to the areas being treated while the sculptra is being drawn up.
  • The treatment itself takes about 30 minutes. 
  • There is anesthetic in the solution being injected.  It will feel similar to dental anesthesia. The effects of the anesthesia will wear off in a few hours.


  • Sculptra is dissolved in water, which is distributed around the face during the procedure. Your face will be swollen for 2-3 days as the body absorbs the water.
  • Your jaw may be sore for the first day or two. This is often seen when the temples are treated. Avoid foods that are very difficult to chew for the first day. For instance, some people find it too sore to each a very chewy piece of meat that evening.
  • Massage the areas treated for 5 minutes, 5 times/day for 5 days. This is to ensure the Sculptra is evenly distributed and there is no lumpiness.
  • Resume normal skin care regimen immediately after treatment. As always, please wear sunblock every day.

Results and Expectations:

  • Most people need between 4-6 vials of sculptra for best results. Each procedure uses 2 vials.
  • The Sculptra triggers a collagen response in and under the skin. This takes 4-6 months. Most patients will require 2-3 treatments, 4-6 weeks apart. Thus, your results will continue evolve over 6 months after your last treatment. The body breaks down collagen at 1-2%/year. Once you achieve the desired .result, you will continue to age and dissolve collagen as part of the normal aging process. We find that people require additional treatments every year or two for maintenance.
  • Bruising , swelling and discomfort is typically associated with this treatment.
  • Results vary in each Individual .
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