Aesthelite Photorejuvenation

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) photofacial treatment delivers broadband light for skin rejuvenation. IPL helps restore youthful looking skin by decreasing redness, lessening the appearance of pigmented spots, reducing acne and pore size, improve texture and fine lines. IPL can also be used for Laser hair Removal.

Ready to say goodbye to sun spots, spider veins, red splotches, rosacea, and acne? With our new Aesthelite IPL photofacial, gentle skin rejuvenation helps to transform red, blotchy skin into a radiant complexion. If you suffer from any of these problems, photofacial treatments may be the ideal approach.

What is a Photofacial?

A photofacial, or sometimes “fotofacial,” is a procedure in which intense pulses of light are used to penetrate into the skin. The laser/IPL device emits a range of light waves that are then tuned and targeted at hemoglobin (the red blood cells in the blood vessels) or melanin (the brown pigment in freckles and age spots). The light beam passes through the skin and is absorbed by either hemoglobin or melanin resulting in damage to the vessel wall or fragmenting of melanin pigment. These tiny vessels and the melanin pigment are then absorbed by the body, rendering them less visible. The IPL also gently heats the cells in the deeper layer of skin (dermis). These cells, called fibroblasts, start to produce more collagen, which improves texture and fine wrinkles. Photorejuvenation, when done properly, almost always consists of a series of 3-5 treatments, usually one every three to six weeks. Treatments usually take 30-60 minutes, depending on the size of the treatment area. The benefits of photorejuvenation treatments are achieved with little discomfort and minimal risk.

Who is a good candidate for IPL?

People who have blotchy, sun-damaged, or discolored skin, or whose skin is affected by acne, large pores, freckles, or wrinkles may benefit from a photofacial. The procedure is quick and involves minimal downtime, making it a convenient option for people with busy schedules. Those with dark or deeply tanned skin sometimes experience complications following IPL and may not be candidates for the treatment.

How long does it take for laser photorejuvenation treatments to work?

Most people need 3-5 months, which consists of a full series of 3-5 treatments about 1 month apart. You can see some improvement with each treatment, but it’s common for your response to be slightly different to each treatment. The more sun damage or redness you have, the more likely you are to need a full five treatments. Some cases of severe redness or brown spots require more than 5 treatments. Expect to see gradual clearing over time.

What are the IPL Photofacial treatments like?

For the procedure you will wear special glasses or eyepads over your eyes to protect them. A cool gel is then placed on the skin being treated. The smooth glass surface of the handpiece is gently applied to your skin and pulses of light flash. You may feel a very slight sting, like the snapping of a small rubber band. At the end of the treatment, the gel is wiped off, cleansed and moisturizer with sunscreen applied. If there is any mild swelling, you might be given a cold pack to apply for five or ten minutes. You may reapply foundation or concealer immediately after treatment.

What will I look like right after the IPL treatment and what is the healing time?

For veins, generally, the skin looks slightly redder after the treatment for two to five days. Makeup can be used starting right after the treatment, as long as it is applied and removed very gently. Rarely, there is bruising, which can take 1-2 weeks to resolve. For freckles and age spots, the spots generally look darker for 3-7 days. Crusting can occur, which may last up to ten days. The lesions will then begin to clear and will generally be resolving at one month. Remember, it takes an average of 3-5 treatments to clear age spots.

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