Benefits of Skin Type Solutions Skin Care Products

Skin Type Solutions is a collection of skin care products tailored for a variety of skin types. The products are based on the research of Dr. Leslie Baumann, the author of the 2005 book, “The Skin Type Solution.”

Baumann had spent years researching the effects cosmetics had on different types of skin, and she eventually identified 16 different skin types.

The existence of so many different skin types helps explain why a cosmetic can work very well for one person and do nothing whatsoever for someone else.

What Are the Baumann Skin Types?

Like the Myers-Briggs personality assessment tests, the Baumann assessment uses four characteristics to divide skin into 16 categories. Just as Myers-Briggs categorizes somebody based on whether they are an extrovert or introvert, Baumann classifies people on whether they have dry or oily skin.

Other traits used are sensitive versus resistant, pigmented versus non-pigmented and wrinkle-prone versus tight. For the record, “pigmented” and “non-pigmented” describe the patient’s tendency toward discoloration. Also like Myers-Briggs, Baumann uses a questionnaire.

The 16 different skin types thus have different characteristics, different weaknesses and require different treatments. A DSPT, for instance, is someone with dry, sensitive, pigmented and tight skin.

They are susceptible to recurrent inflammation and tend to have uneven coloring. They, therefore, need products and treatments that hydrate the skin, control the inflammation and even out their coloring.

What is Skin Type Solutions?

Dr. Baumann went on to establish a franchise of skin care products with each one designed to be used by people with specific skin types. The franchise offers a vast array of products, including moisturizers, masks, serums and sunscreens. It also offers products for nail and hair care.

While some of the products, like the various sunscreens, are suitable for virtually all of the skin types, others are recommended only for specific types.

The Zerafite Barrier Repair Moisturizer, for instance, is recommended for only three skin types: DRPT, DRNT and DRPW, all of which have dry and resistant skin.

How Do You Learn Your Skin Type?

At Glow Medispa in Seattle, Dr. Dee and her highly qualified medical team are specially trained to assess and treat specific skin types with the Skin Type Solutions program.

The assessment includes a questionnaire and an examination of the client’s skin. The Skin Type Solutions website, in fact, stresses the importance of having a doctor perform the assessment.

According to the website, Skin Type Solutions products should only be used under a doctor’s supervision.

After performing the assessment, our doctor prescribes a skin care regimen based on the patient’s skin type and gives the patient a code allowing them to shop on the website, which also includes a section for doctors and a library for patients.

So which skin type are you? Contact Glow Medispa today to schedule your appointment and find out!

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