Emsculpt NEO: The Game Changer in Body Sculpting

:by Kate Dee, MD

Emsculpt just got even more amazing. The new Emsculpt NEO is as big a game-changer as Emsculpt was just a couple years ago. You may have already tried Emsculpt-- it has been the number one body sculpting treatment in the aesthetics industry since 2018 when it first came out. BTL, the company that makes Emsculpt, developed it to use along with Radiofrequency (RF) devices Vanquish ME and Exilis Ultra for body sculpting. Here’s a quick review of how these work, and why Emsculpt NEO is going to completely change the way we do body sculpting.

RF devices are able to heat the skin and the fat-- to tighten the skin and kill the fat. Vanquish ME selectively tunes to the fat in order to heat it enough to destroy fat cells. Exilis Ultra heats from the skin down but keeps the surface cool enough to penetrate into the fat. RF devices are great at tightening the skin and melting fat but did nothing for the underlying muscle.

Then BTL invented Emsculpt. It uses powerful magnetic waves that cause supramaximal contractions of the muscle. Supramaximal means that these contractions are way more than what you would normally do in any vigorous workout. These contractions are more powerful than your brain can make your muscle do. Emsculpt does this about 20,000 times in a half-hour treatment. Though intense, it doesn’t hurt. The result is a stronger, more sculpted muscle. In the studies done to validate Emsculpt, it was found (amazingly!) to kill fat as well. The only thing it didn’t sculpt NEO, Author: Kate Dee, Fat Reduction, Body sculpting Seattle, do was tighten skin (that’s why we still need Exilis). And it also couldn’t get to the love handles and leg fat (that’s why we still need Vanquish).

So why is Emsculpt NEO different? It offers two treatments in one. It combines the muscle treatment of Emsculpt with RF at the same time. The RF in the NEO is the same frequency that Vanquish uses to tune your fat. It also heats up your muscles, and it turns out that Emsculpt muscle-building is even more effective on warm muscles. So the NEO can not only build muscle and kill fat, but it does so even better than Emsculpt or Vanquish or Exilis can do on their own. There have been 7 published studies of the new Emsculpt NEO. The results showed a marked increase in muscle mass and decrease in fat on MRI, CT, and Ultrasound. On average, there was a 25% increase in muscle and a 30%reduction in fat 1 month after a series of treatments. This is like having Emsculpt and Vanquish in only 30 minutes per treatment (this used to be a 2-hour appointment).

Emsculpt NEO is currently FDA-cleared to treat the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, arms (biceps and triceps), and calves. The Emsculpt NEO protocol is a series of 4 30-minute treatments. We are also working on a new protocol for the thighs (finally a treatment that actually works for saddlebags!).

We are excited to be able to offer the new Emsculpt NEO at our West Seattle office. As before, our full suite of body sculpting services will be available, so we can treat almost anybody's contouring challenge. Emsculpt continues to be available at our Kirkland location. For a full list of services at each center, see our brochures online: West Seattle and Kirkland.

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