Body Sculpting FAQs: Why Choose Emsculpt neo?

Why choose Emsculpt neo? If you've been following a rigorous exercise routine without seeing positive changes in your body, don't worry. Gaining muscle mass and losing unwanted fat is very difficult, and you may struggle to obtain your desired look through lifestyle changes. Fortunately, at Glow Medispa in Seattle, Washington, we can tone and slim your body with Emsculpt Neo. Read on to learn more about this fantastic body sculpting technique.

Body Sculpting FAQs: Why Choose Emsculpt neo?

Emsculpt Neo is a non-invasive treatment that uses electromagnetic and radiofrequency technology to reduce your unwanted fat and increase your muscle mass. There are a number of reasons why this innovative body sculpting method is an ideal way to enhance your look.

An Efficient Treatment

Many body contouring treatments provide limited benefits. For instance, some treatments will reduce your unwanted fat without improving your muscles. As a result, you will have to receive multiple cosmetic treatments to achieve your desired goals. Emsculpt Neo is different. This revolutionary treatment will decrease your unwanted fat and improve your muscle tone at the same time. Addressing both of these issues will allow you to enhance your body in a more comprehensive manner.

A Non-Invasive Method

Emsculpt Neo uses both electromagnetic technology (HIFEM) and radiofrequency (RF) energy to target the muscles and fat in your treatment area. Since this technology can pass through the surface of your skin, you will not receive incisions or injections. Instead, this non-invasive treatment will allow you to enhance your body without requiring you to go through an uncomfortable procedure with a lengthy recovery period.

A Proven Technique

This treatment has proven results. In studies, people who received four treatment sessions achieved noticeable changes in their bodies. On average, these people had a 30 percent decrease in fat and a 25 percent increase in muscle.

How Does This Treatment Improve My Body?

This technique uses electromagnetic technology to stimulate your muscles. As we administer the energy to your target area, your muscles will engage in a series of contractions. These movements are more impactful than the contractions that you would experience during a typical exercise session. At the same time, the RF energy heats up the muscles, maximizing the effect. The RF also targets the fat, effectively melting it.

These intense contractions will improve the internal structure of your muscles and cause your fat cells to break down and die. The muscles in your target area will be more toned and your unwanted fat will be reduced.

What Areas of My Body Can This Treatment Target?

Emsculpt Neo is a fantastic way to improve the appearance of multiple areas of the body:

  • abdomen (belly)
  • love handles
  • buttocks
  • inner and outer thigh
  • calves
  • arms

Is This Treatment Comfortable?

This treatment is very gentle, and you shouldn't feel worried or nervous before your appointment. We will begin the treatment process by applying the Emsulpt Neo applicator to your target area. Next, we will use the device to transmit electromagnetic energy to your muscles and fat.

You will feel your muscles contracting as this energy stimulates them. This sensation may resemble the feelings you have during an exercise session, and you will feel comfortable during this portion of your treatment.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

During your initial consultation, we will analyze your medical history and examine your desired treatment areas. We will use this information to create a treatment plan that is customized to fit the condition of your body, your schedule, and your aesthetic goals. As a result, your treatment schedule may be longer or shorter than other people's treatment plans.

That said, you may achieve optimal results after you receive four treatment sessions. All of the studies published used a series of 4 sessions one week apart as the standard. Each of these sessions will last for about thirty minutes. There is scientific evidence that this treatment schedule reduces unwanted fat and increases muscle mass.

How Long Will My Recovery Period Be?

This treatment is an ideal way to enhance your body in a quick, efficient manner. Since this treatment is non-invasive, you will have no downtime. Instead of spending your vacation days recovering from an invasive procedure, you will be able to resume your usual schedule immediately. Many of our patients do the treatment on their lunch hour!

How Quickly Will This Treatment Change My Body?

Since your body is unique, you may respond more or less quickly to this treatment than other people. That said, you are likely to see an increase in your muscle mass and a decrease in your excess fat about two to four weeks after your treatment plan is complete. The appearance of your target area may continue to improve for several months.

How Long Will My Results Last?

Although this body sculpting treatment can significantly improve your appearance, you will need to live a healthy lifestyle to maintain your increased muscle mass and contoured physique. Following a regular exercise routine will help your muscles stay toned and strong.

Fat loss, however, is permanent. You can't grow new fat cells. But, the ones you do have can grow, so contonuing a healthy diet is important to maintain results,

In addition to adopting healthy habits, you can preserve your new look with maintenance treatments. Although your individual schedule will vary, you are likely to benefit from receiving follow-up treatments once or twice a year.

Am I a Good Candidate for this Body Contouring Method?

Now that you know-- why choose emsculpt neo-- who is a great candidate? This is a very easy treatment, and you are likely to be eligible for this technique. During your initial consultation, you should tell us if you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant. Another issue that can come up is implanted metal in the body-- there cannot be metal in the area of treatment -- but metal elsewhere is usually OK. Lastly-- we can't treat people who have implanted pacemakers of defibrillators. We will take a history in your initial consultation. We will use this information to decide whether you are a good candidate for this treatment.

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Gaining muscle mass and losing unwanted fat is easier than ever before. Emsculpt Neo can help you sculpt and shape your body in a quick, non-invasive manner. To learn more about this amazing body sculpting method, contact us at Glow Medispa in Seattle, Washington for an initial consultation today. Schedule a consultation online here.

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