How Long Does Hair Removal Take?

If you don't like having unwanted hair on your face, legs, back, or other locations, you should consider getting laser hair removal treatments at Glow Medispa in Seattle, WA. During a series of easy sessions, we will use laser energy to decrease the visibility of the hair in your desired areas. After this process decreases your regrowth, you won't have to spend significant amounts of time addressing this issue on your own.

How Long Does Hair Removal Take?

Professional hair removal treatments are very effective, and this process will take a short amount of time to finish. You will usually be able to see positive changes in the growth of your unwanted hair after you receive a single hair removal session. However, you will be able to enjoy much more significant results if you get a series of professional treatments. In general, we will advise you to attend six to eight appointments at our office in Seattle.

During each of your sessions, we will use our laser to send energy into hairs that are actively growing on your face, legs, or other treatment areas. Your individual hairs will grow at different times. As a result, we will be able to treat more of your hair follicles if we wait seven to eight weeks between each of your sessions. In general, it will take several months to complete your appointments.

How Will This Laser Treatment Improve My Unwanted Hair?

Each of your hairs goes through a growth cycle that takes several weeks to complete. When a hair enters the anagen part of this cycle, it will be actively growing. During your first professional treatment, we will use a special type of light energy to target the dark pigmentation in the hair follicles that are in this phase. This energy will improve your appearance by destroying these hair follicles.

After your initial appointment is complete, these hairs will leave the anagen phase, and new hairs will enter this part of your growth cycle. During your next appointment, we will achieve more significant improvements by targeting new hairs in your target area. Over the next several months, we will continue to use our laser energy to destroy more of your hair follicles, and your unwanted hair will decrease.

What Rules Will I Need To Follow While I Am Receiving Laser Treatments?

You won't need to change your work schedule or make other significant adjustments to your life while you are using laser treatments to address your unwanted hair. However, you will be required to avoid waxing and tweezing your target area. We will give you more details about this requirement after you schedule your first treatment. It is mandatory to shave the area to be treated the day before or morning of each treatment.

Why Should I Use This Laser Treatment To Address My Unwanted Hair?

When you shave, wax, or tweeze, you will eliminate your individual hair shafts without achieving permanent changes in the growth of your unwanted hair. As a result, the benefits of your at-home removal methods won't last for very long. For example, you will probably need to maintain hair-free skin by shaving several times a week. This activity can irritate your skin and cause you to develop uncomfortable rashes or cuts.

Shaving and other at-home treatments can also cause you to develop ingrown hairs and other skin problems. In contrast, we will use specialized techniques to protect your safety during your laser treatments. During each session, we will use precise amounts of gentle energy to reduce the growth of your hair. This technique will create more significant and lasting changes in the appearance of your target area.

Can I Use This Method To Remove Hair From Multiple Locations?

We can use this technique to decrease the amount of hair on your face, arms, neck, underarms, and chest. In addition, you can use laser energy to remove unwanted hair from your legs, back, and bikini area. It is common for people to treat multiple different areas of hair during one treatment session. For example, we may be able to reduce the amount of hair on your face and legs.  

What Will Happen After My Initial Treatment Plan Is Complete?

These laser treatments provide long-lasting benefits, and you won't be required to spend a large amount of time getting maintenance treatments. After you have completed your full series of laser treatments, you should experience a permanent change in the growth of your unwanted hair. At this point, the hair in your target area will look much thinner and lighter.

However, over time, your body does create new dark terminal hairs in sparse fashion. Sometimes, we will advise you to get a couple of touch-up sessions after several years have passed. These follow-up treatments will be very quick, and these additional sessions will allow you to maintain your hair-free, beautiful skin for many more years.

Treat Your Unwanted Hair

Receiving a series of hair removal sessions will reduce the amount of unwanted hair on your back, legs, arms, and many other locations. When the hair in these areas becomes finer and less visible, you will be able to spend less time waxing, shaving, or using other at-home methods to address this cosmetic challenge. To schedule your initial treatment, you should contact us at Glow Medispa in Seattle, WA. You can schedule a consultation online here.

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