Can a Facial be Dangerous? Unveiling Hidden Risks with Elizabeth Gersten

Dr. Kate Dee hosts Elizabeth Gersten, a licensed esthetician for over 29 years.' Elizabeth recounts various unsafe and unhygienic practices in spas, including bribing inspectors, reusing contaminated products, and lack of proper training among staff. The discussion highlights the importance of proper training, licensing, and adherence to sanitation protocols. They also delve into differences in esthetician licensing regulations between states, potential dangers of unlicensed practices, and the pitfalls of cutting corners in spa treatments.

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  • Aesthetician education is important for the safety of spa treatments
  • Aesthetician licenses allow spa treatments like facials and dermaplaning
  • Aestheticians may complete an advanced training and licensure in only a few states, allowing them to do some laser treatments and microneedling. In most states this is illegal.
  • Even Spa Treatments can be unsanitary and harmful. Make sure your spa and the aestheticians working there are licensed and certified.


00:00 Shocking Spa Secrets Revealed
00:21 Meet the Expert: Elizabeth Gersten
01:53 Aesthetic Services and Career Journey
04:06 Changes in Aesthetic Education
07:19 The Importance of Proper Training
09:01 Hygiene Horrors in High-End Spas
09:42 Understanding Hydrotherapy and Sanitation
12:37 Regulations and Licensing Issues
21:27 Risks of Inadequate Training and Equipment
23:20 Illegal Hyaluron Pen Treatments
23:58 Risks of Unregulated Microneedling
26:13 Sanitation Failures in Spas
28:35 Importance of Sterile Techniques
31:11 Complications from Facials and Peels
34:05 Dangers of Non-Medical Grade Products
38:54 Lack of Regulation and Inspections
44:12 Final Thoughts and Consumer Advice

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