Navigating Facial Plastic Surgery: with Dr. Troy Woodman

Dr. Kate Dee interviews Dr. Troy Woodman to discuss various aspects of facial plastic surgery, including proper consultation procedures and safety standards. The episode opens with a harrowing story about a patient receiving surgery under suboptimal conditions, highlighting the importance of choosing a qualified surgeon and understanding the standard of care. Dr. Woodman shares his extensive experience in oculofacial plastic and reconstructive surgery, offering insights into how patients can ensure they are in safe hands.

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  • Always verify a surgeon’s certifications, including checking with the ABMS website
  • Consult with at least 2 surgeons to understand the surgical process and get multiple opinions
  • Critical need for a sterile and well-regulated operating environment
  • What is the standard of care for plastic surgery


00:00 Shocking Med Spa Surgery Story
01:25 Introduction to Dr. Troy Woodman
01:41 Dr. Woodman's Background and Expertise
02:46 Scope of Dr. Woodman's Practice
04:35 Patient's Horrific Experience
07:00 Legal and Ethical Concerns in Cosmetic Surgery
10:05 Importance of Proper Surgical Procedures
13:01 Consultation Process and Patient Responsibility
27:39 The Art of Facelifts: Techniques and Timeframes
28:02 Surgeon Skills and Speed: A Personal Perspective
30:04 Pricing in Aesthetic Medicine: A Surprising Revelation
32:13 The Pain and Ethics of Local Anesthetic
32:48 The Rise and Fall of Lifestyle Lift
35:51 The Importance of Board Certification and Experience
39:05 Managing Surgical Complications: A Critical Skill
44:11 Final Thoughts: Choosing the Right Surgeon

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