Introducing the LaseMD Fractional Laser

by Kate Dee, MD

LaseMD Reviews
What is Lase MD:
the quick summary is that the new LaseMD treatment is fantastic for resurfacing the skin, eliminating pigment and sun damage, decreasing fine lines and wrinkles, diminishing pores, smoothing the skin and stimulating collagen. For more information on how and why, read on!

Those of you who know me know I’m a research junkie. I have to know everything before I jump into a new service. For 2 years now I’ve wanted a fractional laser for resurfacing. It was the one thing we needed to be able to offer people at Glow and didn’t have. But there were drawbacks to every device out there. Until now.

How does LaseMD Laser work?

Lasers have been used to change the surface of the skin for decades. The original CO2 lasers came out in the 1970’s-- they are ablative lasers (think disintegrate) that take off the entire surface, create what amounts to a controlled burn, forcing the skin to completely regrow. The results were amazing, if all went well. The risks were high-- scarring, hyperpigmentation or worse--complete hypopigmentation. Then came fractional CO2 lasers, which destroy the skin in small bits, leaving adjacent skin intact from which it can regrow more safely. These are still widely used today-- BUT there is still a risk of those same complications. At Glow, our guiding principle is that nothing in aesthetics is worth that kind of risk of permanent harm.

Fractional non-ablative lasers cause damage but do not destroy the skin. They are much safer, and with a series of treatments, one can achieve similar results to the ablative lasers, with much less risk. I’ve been researching these lasers for the last 2 years. Some are underpowered producing minimal results. Some are overpowered, so one cannot adjust the treatment down for different skin types. Some come as handpieces attached to very expensive bloated machines that are otherwise not worth the money.

Finally, the LaseMD from Lutronic came along. This machine has become very popular in Asia and Europe and was FDA approved in the US in the summer of 2017. This laser has the best of all worlds. It has a wide range of settings, allowing a low-energy no-downtime treatment (called the LaseMD Glo!) comparable to “Clear and Brilliant.” It has the high-energy settings allowing it to perform a full resurfacing treatment comparable to “Fraxel.” And it has everything in between to allow us to cater the treatment to different purposes and skin types. Finally, it was specially designed to deliver high-potency serums that penetrate into the skin to produce great results and faster healing. Honestly, I know it is going to sound silly, but I love this laser. My skin looks amazing after just one treatment. It is my 50th birthday gift to myself!

The best combination to keep your skin looking youthful:

Not only is LaseMD laser treatment a great stand-alone treatment, but it is complementary to the skin tightening and collagen-stimulating procedures we already offer, and we are creating special packages that combine LaseMD with Microneedling and also Infini RF. The results from these treatments will keep your skin looking beautiful, young and natural.

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask! As always we offer consultations. Call us at 206-228-7281 or book a consultation online.

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