Infini Skin Tightening for Better Results

Infini skin tightening is revolutionizing the way that people look at skin tightening procedures and skincare. Taking advantage of radiofrequency technology, this treatment can tighten up sagging skin, make wrinkles disappear, and improve the texture of a person's skin.

Your skin is an important part of your body. In order for a product to improve the appearance of your skin, it has to take a complete 3D approach to treatment. This is exactly what Infini does. It takes advantage of RF energy to increase the volume and ionization of the skin.

How does it work?

This treatment makes use of radiofrequency energy as well as the rejuvenating powers associated with micro-needling. There are other radiofrequency treatments on the market, but they focus on addressing the outside of the skin. Since micro-needling is combined with radiofrequency treatments, your skin is rejuvenated from the inside out. The micro-needling technology allows the radiofrequency energy to be delivered right where it needs to be.

Your dermis is a deeper layer of skin. This is the layer of your skin that produces collagen. This is the layer of your skin that helps to build the structure of your skin. Your dermis is what makes your skin look and feel tight and healthy. If your skin looks nice on the outside, it’s because what’s on the inside is working well.

Infini has become very popular because it is a non-surgical treatment. It has been shown to drastically improve the way your skin looks by removing scars, by getting rid of wrinkles, and by making your skin look and feel overall tighter.

Once your dermis is heated to a certain temperature, your tissue starts to become tighter and begins to remodel. Other radiofrequency devices on the market are categorized as being ablative, non-ablative, and sub-ablative. However, Infini is one of the only products that produce a multidimensional energy approach to the dermis.

Many people have been turning to Infini as a way to treat wrinkles, to encourage collagen production, and to improve the appearance of your skin. This product has been used throughout Asia, South America, and Europe. It has helped individuals who have acne scars and individuals with premature wrinkling to tighten the appearance of their skin.

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Loose, wrinkled, or scarred skin can make you self-conscious about your appearance. Infini can help give you the attractive appearance that you want. Contact us today at Glow MediSpa in Seattle to schedule your consultation.

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