Botox for Teeth Grinding

by Kate Dee, MD

Suffer from Bruxism (teeth grinding)? Botox can be a great help.

Do you grind your teeth? Over 50% (some estimates say up to 96%) of adults in the US grind their teeth. Most are not aware they are doing it. Your dentist may have told you from examining your teeth and gums, or your spouse may let you know you are noisy at night. Some people wake themselves up with the noise. Waking with a headache, toothache or an earache is often a sign of bruxism. If you have linear ridges etched in your cheeks you are likely grinding your teeth at night. Stress is often a factor in making the grinding worse. Many people do it so much their jaw muscles get big and creates a large square jaw. Women in particular often don’t enjoy this masculine look. Teeth grinding can cause jaw pain, damage to teeth and TMJ (temporomandibular joint) problems. Often treated with mouth guards worn at night, teeth grinders sometimes even chew right through the plastic! Although nightguards for your teeth can protect teeth from damage, they do not address the cause of the problem.

Botox can not only stop the grinding but can reduce the jaw muscle size and return your face to its original appearance. And yes! You will still be able to talk and chew your food! The procedure is not painful and lasts approximately four months. Although Botox is not a cure for teeth grinding, it can successfully control the problem and its symptoms while also improving facial aesthetics.

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