Underarm Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal For Your Underarms

Let’s talk about shaving and waxing: expensive, time-consuming, and downright annoying. Not to mention how temporary these solutions to unwanted armpit hair are. If you stick with it, you’ll be repeating these same routines over and over, indefinitely. As more and more people turn to more permanent options, laser hair removal has boomed in popularity.

But, we can’t blame you for having some hesitations. Jumping straight into laser hair removal can be an intimidating prospect. To help make it all a little easier, we’ve compiled everything you need to know about the laser treatment process. Before, during, after… everything you need to know!

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How Laser Underarm Hair Removal Works

If you’ve never experienced it before, laser hair removal can sound pretty daunting and high-tech. In reality, it isn’t all that complicated! Using quick laser pulses, energy is transmitted straight into the hair follicle. During this process, the follicle is destroyed, preventing hair from going back. By targeting melanin (color and pigment), the thickness and density of the follicle are whittled down with each laser session.

A crucial element of the process is timing. Hair grows in three different stages: active growth, transition, and the resting period. Effective laser hair removal needs to be completed during the active growth stage. When hair is transitioning or resting, the laser won’t damage the root as needed. To ensure this happens, laser hair removal appointments will be booked with around 4-6 weeks in between.

How to Prepare Before Your Appointment

There are a few things to consider before heading into an arm hair removal appointment. Firstly, it’s best to avoid direct UV exposure – no tanning, no sunbathing. For your armpits and underarms, this is going to be less of a risk… but it’s well worth mentioning!

As previously mentioned, targeting the hair follicles at the correct growth stage is essential. To ensure you’re in the best possible position for success, you should stop all shaving and waxing six weeks prior to your appointment. Avoid any processes that completely remove the hair follicles from the skin. Then, about 24 hours before your appointment, shave under your arms. We recommend lightly exfoliating for a few days before underarm hair removal appointments as well, to get rid of all dead skin cells and any build-up of products. Follow all these steps, and you’ll be ready to go!

What to Expect During Your Laser Removal Appointment

We know the question that’s bound to be on your mind: does it hurt?

When you sit down for your laser removal appointment, there’s no need to worry. Your provider is going to be experienced in underarm laser removal, and will know how to help ease your nerves and keep everything comfortable. As the laser starts to work, you’re going to feel a stinging sensation. While pain levels vary depending on the density of your armpit hair, the vast majority of patients report minimal to no pain during treatment. So, no need to fear!

You should expect full underarm hair removal to take around 6-8 appointments overall.

Caring for Your Armpits After Laser Treatment

Aftercare for arm hair removal isn’t all that complicated. You should carefully avoid any direct UV exposure, ensuring that your underarms are fully covered if you spend any time in the sun. To improve comfort, we recommend wearing clothes with a looser fit. There’s also a chance your armpits could be a little tender after treatment. Should you experience any swelling, redness, or itchiness, then applying Aloe Vera gel can be a great solution.

You can expect wonderful results at the end of your removal treatments. Your underarm hair will be softer, thinner, and less dense, with hair growth almost entirely reduced. Smoother, softer armpits are on the horizon!

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