Can You Get Laser Hair Removal While Pregnant?

It is not uncommon for women to turn to laser hair removal when it comes to getting rid of unwanted hair. Not only is it safe, reliable, and cost-effective, it lasts a lot longer than other hair removal methods. In fact, semi-permanent and even permanent results can be achieved in some women.

If you’ve taken a pregnancy test and found two pink lines staring back at you but have some unwanted hair that you want to remove, you may be asking - can you get laser hair removal while pregnant, or should you explore another option?

At Glow Medispa, we are committed to keeping you and your unborn baby as safe as possible during laser hair removal treatments. Read on for more information as to what is and isn’t considered safe, and do not hesitate to reach out to our friendly team if you require extra assistance.

So, Can I Get Laser Hair Removal While Pregnant?

While laser hair removal itself has been extensively studied and declared safe, there is a lack of evidence surrounding whether it’s considered safe or not during pregnancy.

There are a few reasons for this:

  • Lack of research into the effects
    Although laser hair removal is a very safe means of removing unwanted hair, there has not been enough research done to definitively answer whether or not it’s safe during pregnancy.
  • Pregnancy hormones disrupt hair growth cycles
    As pregnancy disrupts the normal hair growth cycle and as a laser is a gradual process that occurs over several sessions, it may be difficult to time laser hair removal treatments so that they’ll be most effective.
  • Hyperpigmentation
    Laser hair removal works best on lighter skin tones. Hyperpigmentation, a temporary darkening of the skin, can occur during pregnancy, and if it does, it can make laser less effective.
  • Sensitive skin
    As a result of increased blood supply and stretching of the skin around the breasts and abdomen, the skin has a tendency to be more sensitive during pregnancy. This can make the laser more painful or uncomfortable.

Help— I’m Pregnant and my Hair Growth has Gone Crazy!

Many pregnant women notice excess hair growth that makes them seek out laser hair removal. This is especially common in the third trimester where women may notice hair in areas it has never grown before (such as the arms, breasts, neck, face, and stomach). This occurs due to high levels of androgen and estrogen hormones, which are completely normal during pregnancy.

No need to worry, though! In most cases, this excess hair growth is temporary. Most women find that the extra hair is gone within about three months of giving birth.

How Soon After Birth Can I Resume Laser Hair Removal?

It’s a good idea to discuss your plans to resume laser hair removal with your doctor. As there are no definitive studies that declare it to be safe or unsafe, the decision ultimately rests with you, your healthcare providers such as your doctor, and your treatment provider.

Can I Get Laser Hair Removal While Breastfeeding?

As with pregnancy, there is a lack of research into the effect of lasers while breastfeeding. Ultimately, the decision should be made between you and your treatment provider.

What are the Alternatives to Laser Hair Removal?

There are a few laser hair removal alternatives for managing unwanted hair during pregnancy and breastfeeding. These include:

  • Shaving
    Paired with a good moisturizer, your sensitive pregnancy skin should react well to your normal shaving routine. Both electric and manual razors are suitable, and avoid shaving in the shower to prevent slipping.
  • Waxing
    While waxing is safe during pregnancy, your skin may be more sensitive and react differently to how it normally does. A professional wax may be preferable, especially in later pregnancy when your bump is in the way.
  • Tweezing & Threading
    When it comes to smaller hair removal jobs, tweezing and threading will do just fine. Tweezing is a great option for unwanted facial hair, and professional threading is generally pain-free.

Are There any Other Treatments to Avoid?

Although there haven’t been any definitive studies, it is recommended that you don’t use depilatory creams during pregnancy. This is because they contain chemicals like thioglycolic acid and barium sulfide. Electrolysis should also be avoided, as the process involves passing an electrical current through the body and there are concerns that the amniotic fluid around the baby could conduct electricity.

Speak to Glow Medispa About Laser Hair Removal after Pregnancy

If you have recently found out that you’re pregnant, be sure to let us know the good news! We’ll be more than happy to discuss your treatment plans with you and work with you to come to a decision regarding laser hair removal.

For more information on the decision about laser hair removal treatments, get in touch with the friendly Glow Medispa team - we’ll be more than happy to assist and look forward to welcoming you to our clinic.


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