Emsculpt: Build Muscle and Kill Fat Lying down!

by Kate Dee, MD

How would you like to do 20,000 crunches in half an hour without even trying? Emsculpt is a new device from BTL that does just that, and more. FDA-approved for increasing muscle mass AND permanent fat reduction of the abdomen AND non-surgical butt-lift, Emsculpt is a game-changer in the world of body-sculpting.

How does it work? Emsculpt uses a magnetic field and electromagnetic waves to produce a supra-maximal contraction of your muscles. The contraction is so strong, your brain could not make your muscles do it, not even in your most intense workout. After 30 minutes, your muscles have done this 20 thousand times. The adjacent fat cells get overwhelmed with the energy needs, and they undergo apoptosis (cell death). After 4 sessions, muscles are 16% larger, and fat is reduced by 19%.

How do you know it works? There have been 7 published trials proving Emsculpt to be clinically effective. Links to trial summaries are available here:

Study 1: Apoptosis study shows fat cell death in response to Emsculpt

Study 2: ultrasound multicenter imaging study shows a decrease in fat and an increase of muscle

Study 3: MRI multicenter imaging study shows a decrease in fat and an increase of muscle

Study 4: CT multicenter imaging study shows a decrease in fat and an increase of muscle

Study 5: Waist circumference reduction shows a decrease in waist measurement

Study 6: Effect on Buttocks first study to show lift of buttocks with Emsculpt

Study 7: Multicenter study, Non-surgical butt-lift

Does it Hurt? Surprisingly, no! At first, it feels intense, and then you get used to it. Over the 30 minutes of the treatment, it starts to feel good. By the end of it, you find yourself craving more. Then you find yourself looking forward to the next treatment! Some people are sore the next day, as you do after a good workout.

How many treatments does it take? All the studies used four 30-minute treatments, two per week for two weeks. More sessions can be safely added to further your results. The fat reduction is permanent, but some maintenance is necessary to maintain muscle bulk. That’s why we are offering memberships to maintain body sculpting results with Vanquish ME, Exilis Ultra and Emsculpt.

Is there any downtime? No! Most people feel stronger within a day or two of the treatment. Though there is often some soreness for a day or two, there is no limitation on activity.

Who is a good candidate for Emsculpt? Anyone looking to increase muscle and decrease fat could have an Emsculpt treatment. It is ideal for people who have pockets of fat that just will not go away with diet and exercise and who want more definition of their muscles. If you have more fat to burn, Emsculpt may be combined with Vanquish ME or Exilis Ultra for best results. Exilis Ultra may also be added to tighten any loose skin in the area. People with implanted metal in the areas of treatment, pacemakers or cardiac defibrillators should not undergo Emsculpt treatments.

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