How much Botox is the right amount?

by Kate Dee, MD

One of the most common questions I'm asked is how much Botox is needed to treat each area. The answer is that everyone is different. Botulinum toxin is a neuromodulator that blocks the signal from the nerve to the muscle so that it cannot contract. The larger the muscle, the more toxin will be needed to paralyze it. Some people have much more prominent facial muscles than others-- and they will require more. Some people break down the toxin faster than others. Also, vigorous activity or massage may spread the toxin somewhat and potentially break it down faster, so even in the same person, effectiveness can vary from time to time.

When you are injected for the first time, your doctor is making a conservative estimate. Remember, we can always inject more at a later date if needed, but we can't take it back! At Glow, our goal is to achieve the desired effect with the least amount of toxin necessary. The full effect will be apparent within 2 weeks. At that time, additional units can be injected if desired. We take this conservative approach for two reasons: to bring out your natural beauty without "overdoing it" and to save you money.

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