Intimate Rejuvenation: 8 Minutes That Will Change Your [Sex] Life

By Kate Dee, MD

  • Stretched out and loose after childbirth? Dribbling? Both?
  • Dryness after menopause? Painful sex? Both?

Did you know these problems are fixable?

As a 50-year-old mom of 3, I am intimately aware of these issues, as are many of my friends. Until the Exilis Ultra Femme came out, I was pretty sure we were all stuck with these problems for the duration: the cost of being female. At Glow Medispa, we have now had almost a year of experience with the device, and the results are beyond amazing. The treatments are fast and painless, with no downtime. We have found that it can completely stop dribbling (when you run or sneeze -- voila! Fixed!) It tightens the tissues (wives say their husbands can feel the difference -- for real). And women who could not have sex because it was too painful are able to enjoy it once again.

How Does It Work?

The Ultra Femme uses radiofrequency (RF) to heat the tissues, triggering increased blood flow, collagen formation and new cells to grow. The vaginal wall actually thickens, tightens and gains moisture. Most women require about 3 treatments and 1-2 months for a complete response, but we have had reports of noticeable results even right after the first treatment. We are finding that the results last 6 months to 1 year, with most women wanting a touch-up treatment after 6-8 months. It has been a complete game-changer for many who had given up activities that they once loved.

You can ask any of us here at Glow about our experience with the Ultra Femme treatment. It is really exciting for us to share the knowledge -- you won’t see commercials about it on TV and Facebook won’t let us share… But we are hoping to get the word out!

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