Look Years Younger with the GlowLift: Our Non-Surgical Facelift

One of the most popular forms of cosmetic surgery is a facelift. Almost everyone has heard about this surgical procedure. There is a lot of information about facelifts on the internet. Some of the information is extremely positive. On the other side of the spectrum, you see individuals who had this cosmetic surgery done, and they look worked on. It’s just not natural.

Since many people are worried about what the end results will be, they put off having a facelift. Plus, some people don’t need a facelift in order to achieve their cosmetic goals. They may just have a few lines and wrinkles as well as sagging skin. This can be addressed through a non-surgical treatment at our office called a GlowLift. This amazing procedure uses non-surgical means to make a person look years younger. Thanks to the GlowLift, you no longer have to undergo invasive surgery and a long recovery in order to look and feel better.

Facelifts can be expensive and invasive. There are often individuals who say that they know how to perform a facelift, and they offer some other cosmetic procedures. However, when a person actually goes in for the facelift, the results are a disaster. For this reason, many people opt for a GlowLift at our office. This innovative procedure uses a combination approach to achieve its goals, typically utilizing dermal fillers, radio frequency and micro-needling techniques for amazing results.

If you opt to have a facelift, you will want to have a nurse or a medical professional with you for the first week or so after the procedure while you are healing from the surgery. In most cases, after a couple of weeks, you will be up and about. The GlowLift is different because the downtime is minimal. Patients can resume most of their normal activities quickly, if not immediately.

Your face is your most valuable asset. Take care of it by taking advantage of the latest and greatest in cosmetic procedures. Think twice before getting a facelift and consider the GlowLift, our non-surgical facelift treatment at Glow Medispa. Located in Seattle, we offer a variety of cosmetic procedures, including fat reduction treatments with innovative CoolSculpting® alternatives, PRP treatments, micro-needling and INFINI skin tightening. During a consultation at our office, you can get all the facts about the GlowLift and how it can benefit you. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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