Does Body Sculpting Really Work and Burn Fat?

Body Sculpting programs have been around now for over a decade and have become very successful. You can build muscle, kill fat and to some extent, tighten skin. In short, yes, body sculpting really works. If you decide to try it, you must use an effective machine (not all body sculpting devices are created equal) and follow a consistent program. Should you just take Ozempic instead? The answer is even more clear– if you lose weight with Ozempic (or Wegovy or semaglutide– or any of the GLP-1 drugs) you’ll have an even bigger reason to pursue body sculpting. In this article, you’ll learn how and why body sculpting really works, and why it can be a huge advantage if you’re going to try a weight-loss drug.

How does Body Sculpting kill fat?

There are many different devices out there to kill fat. How do they work?

  • Heat
  • Freeze
  • Massive muscle contraction

If you heat the fat cells high enough, the cells undergo what is called “apoptosis” or programmed cell death. They get injured just enough for the cells to break down and be absorbed by the body. The fat inside the cells is released into the lymph system and you eventually clear that fat in your urine. A similar result happens if you freeze fat. A different process happens when you stimulate the muscles in a series of massive contractions, but the result is the same– the fat cells die. 

How does Body Sculpting build muscle?

One device (Emsculpt/Emsculpt Neo) has been shown to safely and effectively build muscle. This device uses magnetic waves to cause massive contractions of the muscles. This is repeated over 20,000 contractions in a 30 minute session, resulting in very quick muscle build-up. The average muscle improvement with Emsculpt neo is 25% after a series of 4 sessions. There are other muscle-stimulation devices that have been developed to compete, but to date I have not seen evidence of great results from any of them.

Are body sculpting devices safe?

Because of complications, freezing fat is falling out of favor. However, RF heating and massive muscle stimulation have proven safe with very minimal risk. RF heating devices vary in how they work, and some carry a higher risk of burns. Muscle stimulation has been found to be very safe, though it can occasionally irritate existing joint or tendon issues. As a personal example, I have found that Emsculpt Neo for my arms irritates my tennis elbow on my right arm. Everywhere else it actually feels really good. You can’t have RF or Emsculpt if you have metal in the area or a pacemaker or defibrillator. 

Does Body Sculpting hurt?

Emsculpt Neo feels intense at first, but it does not hurt at all. Sometimes it feels like you might cramp, but it doesn’t. Once you ease into it, the experience is actually very pleasant. By the end of the treatment, most people can’t wait to do it again. The device feels warm but not too hot. Overall it is very well tolerated. Coolsculpting causes pain during the freeze and also during the thaw. Most people who have had both report that Emsculpt Neo is a breeze compared to Coolsculpting.

How can Body Sculpting help if I already take Ozempic?

Ozempic (and all the drugs like it) has become incredibly popular as a way to lose weight. This class of drugs was originally developed to treat diabetes, but quickly became a go to for weight loss. So much so, that the maker of Ozempic can’t make enough of it, and people are getting it from all kinds of sources, most of which are actually illegal (places making it for research purposes only– not made for injection into human beings, purchased without a medical license and then being sold directly to patients illegally). If you are trying it, make sure you are getting it from a real doctor who gets the real drug and knows how to manage complications. 

If you’re already on Ozempic and have lost weight, you know what it does to the body. Often the volume of fat burned leaves the skin droopy and the body looking almost unhealthy. Emsculpt Neo can maximize your results in fat burning and build muscle to keep a healthy physique. We have also seen that Emface (a device for lifting facial skin) can be very helpful for improving “O face” or “Ozempic Face.” 

Can you combine Fat burning and Muscle stimulation?

Yes. The only device that does this is Emsculpt Neo. When Emsculpt first came out in 2018, it used HIFEM (high-frequency electromagnetic energy) to stimulate muscle contraction to build muscle. It was developed to work alongside the RF heating devices that melted fat. It worked on muscle, but scientists were surprised to find that it also killed fat on its own. Emsculpt was used in treatment regimens that included RF to maximize the fat loss. These treatments took a long time to do, since the devices could not be used at the same time. But then Emsculpt Neo was introduced in 2020, and this combined RF and HIFEM into one device that could perform both at the same time. This combination was found to improve both the fat reduction and muscle building ability– the RF heating improved the muscle results of HIFEM and and the HIFEM improved the fat reduction of the RF. The neo was found to reduce fat by 30% and improve muscle by 25%. To date I have not seen any other device deliver that kind of result.

How do I maximize Body Sculpting results?

  1. Drink lots of water. You have to stay hydrated for the fat to flow through the lymph system. It is important to flush the lipids through and excrete them
  2. Stay active– activity is also important for the lymph system to work properly.
  3. Avoid alcohol, caffeine and anything that dehydrates you. Alcohol also halts fat-burning.
  4. Avoid a high-carb diet – diets that are high in carbohydrates are what causes the fat build-up in the first place. This doesn’t mean you need to go keto! Keeping your carb intake under 150 g/day is recommended to stop the fat-building driven by carbs.
  5. Complete at least 4 treatments, following the recommended protocol. This is not a one and done solution! 


  • Body sculpting does work to kill fat and build muscle
  • Emsculpt Neo is the safest, most effective device and the only device to combine RF heating and Muscle stimulation
  • Body Sculpting improves outcomes when used at the same time or following weight loss with Ozempic and Ozempic-like drugs
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