Genius rf is the new Infini and it’s… Genius!

By Kate Dee, MD

If you have had Infini in the past, or if you have never had RF microneedling before you are going to be blown away by Genius RF. We used Infini treatments for skin tightening and acne scarring for over 3 years (2015-2018) and with Genius RF since 2019 when it first came out. As a research junkie, I can attest that Genius RF is the best microneedling RF device available. There are many look-alike devices out there, all modeled on the original Infini device, but none produce the kind of results Genius RF does. Thus, Genius RF has been the most popular device for skin tightening and scarring world-wide. Genius RF is so dramatically different and improved from the original Infini, they decided it needed a new name. As far as I know, I was the first person to purchase the Genius literally on the day the FDA cleared it in December 2018, and we have now been using it for all our procedures since then. WOW, what a huge difference!

Genius RF technology

The engineers have introduced smart technology that measures impedance of the skin and how much energy is being absorbed with each pulse, so we can modulate the energy being delivered as we treat. What this means is that the exact right amount of energy is used for effectiveness and NO MORE, so that each pulse is maximally effective with much less discomfort.

The needle tip and the motor were completely redesigned, increasing the ease of each pulse insertion and the accuracy of the depth of the needle tips. This also results in less pain and a more accurate treatment. The motor is very quiet as well – no scary snapping noises.

what does genius rf feel like?

We have now performed Genius treatments on many people who have had Infini before, including myself. The universal consensus is that Genius is a breeze. There is minimal to zero discomfort and less need for medication and the chiller. There is almost no bleeding with Genius, and recovery time is decreased. My own recovery after my first genius Genius was 24 hours of redness, and I did not need makeup at all the next day. Genius offers a quicker recovery and almost no breakouts or bruising. Both the experience of the procedure itself and the recovery are remarkably well-tolerated compared to other RF devices.

genius rf results

Genius RF treatments are highly effective for both skin tightening and acne scarring. Genius RF gives more tightening and lift and resolves scarring better than other devices with less pain and less downtime. Genius RF has been a game-changer for us, and it will be for you, too. Think you might be interested? Call Glow Medispa in Seattle or Kirkland, WA or schedule a consultation directly online here.

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