Groupons, Bait & Switch, and Marketing Shenanigans

Dr. Kate Dee and Stephen Moritz discuss the marketing strategies and challenges in the medical spa industry. They explore the different approaches to marketing, with Dr. Dee focusing on building trust and long-term relationships, while Stephen emphasizes the importance of education and patient satisfaction. They also discuss the pitfalls of Groupon and the dangers of offering cheap Botox. The conversation highlights the significance of customer service and the impact of online reviews on platforms like Yelp and Google. They conclude by discussing the power of Google Ads and the need for honest and transparent advertising in the industry. The conversation covers the dangers of illegal and unsafe procedures, the prevalence of cheap knockoffs, the importance of asking the right questions, identifying illegal practices, avoiding pre-purchase deals, social media advertising, the dangers of unrealistic before and after photos, and fake consultations.

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  • Building trust and long-term relationships is crucial in the medical spa industry.
  • Offering cheap Botox can be a red flag and may indicate compromised quality or safety.
  • Online reviews on platforms like Yelp and Google play a significant role in attracting new patients.
  • Honest and transparent advertising is essential for maintaining a positive reputation and attracting the right clientele. Be cautious of illegal and unsafe procedures offered by non-medical establishments.
  • Ask the right questions and do thorough research before undergoing any treatment.
  • Beware of cheap knockoffs and illegal devices that can cause harm.
  • Avoid pre-purchase deals and consult with a reputable medical professional before making any decisions.
  • Be skeptical of unrealistic before and after photos on social media and understand that results may vary.


00:00 Introduction and Background
01:11 Different Approaches to Marketing
08:22 The Pitfalls of Groupon
12:24 The Importance of Customer Service
15:21 The Dangers of Cheap Botox
24:01 The Role of Yelp and Google Reviews
29:51 The Power of Google Ads
32:06 Misleading Advertising
33:25 Illegal and Unsafe Procedures
34:02 Beware of Cheap Knockoffs
34:50 Importance of Asking the Right Questions
36:29 Identifying Illegal Practices
37:17 Avoid Pre-Purchase Deals
38:28 Social Media Advertising
39:06 Tailoring Advertising to Demographics
40:21 Emphasizing Value over Discounts
41:18 Unrealistic Before and After Photos
43:04 The Dangers of Photoshopped Images
45:39 Fake Consultations

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