Reviews: Good, Bad and Fake

In this conversation, Dr. Kate Dee and Stephen Moritz discuss the importance of reviews in the medical spa industry and why so many are fake. They focus on Google and Yelp reviews and mention RealSelf as an alternative review platform for plastic surgeons. This conversation explores the limitations and challenges of relying on reviews for evaluating medical spas and doctors.They also touch on other doctor review sites and the importance of credible third-party platforms.The hosts provide insights on identifying fake reviews and the tactics used by competitors or others to write fake bad reviews. The conversation concludes with a call to action for leaving reviews for doctors to support their practices.


  • Google reviews are highly prioritized by businesses and customers based on availability, ease of writing a review and trustworthiness.
  • Yelp's review algorithm is questionable, as it favors reviewers who write a lot of reviews, even if they are negative.
  • RealSelf is a platform that provides information about plastic surgery procedures and allows users to find and review doctors.
  • Lots of reviews are fake– sometimes this is impossible to figure out, but there are a few tricks.


00:00 Introduction and Focus on Reviews
01:09 Google Business Reviews
04:02 Yelp and Google Reviews Comparison
05:54 Yelp Reviews
23:11 RealSelf
24:17 Other Doctor Review Sites
25:46 Testimonials on Webpages
27:19 Importance of Credible Third-Party Platforms
28:23 Spotting Fake Reviews
31:12 Fake Reviews and Competitors
34:40 Penalties for Fake Reviews
36:48 Personal Attacks and Fake Reviews
37:17 Importance of Leaving Reviews for Doctors

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