What is the Good Faith Exam?

In this episode, Dr. Kate Dee discusses the importance of good faith exams and their role in ensuring patient safety in medical spas. Joined by Polina Riedler, RN and co-founder of Spakinect, the conversation covers how her company provides virtual good faith exams across the country, ensuring compliance with state regulations. They delve into the framework of these exams, explain who is qualified to conduct them, and why they are necessary for any medical procedure, including IV therapies. The episode highlights real-world impacts, such as the tragic case in Texas, and stresses the importance of proper oversight to prevent similar incidents. They also talk about the legal challenges and compliance requirements in the med spa industry, and the necessity of working with reputable companies to avoid cutting corners. Listeners gain insights into how to identify legal and safe practices when seeking aesthetic treatments.

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  • A good faith exam must be performed before any medical procedure, including botox, IV therapy and lasers
  • Good faith exams are required in every state
  • Good faith exams must be performed by a doctor, a PA or an NP
  • Good Faith Exams consist of a consultation, assessment, diagnosis and treatment plan
  • Nurses cannot perform Good Faith Exams
  • Unlicensed people cannot practice medicine, cannot perform good faith exams and cannot legally provide any of these treatments


00:00 Introduction
01:03 Understanding Good Faith Exams
01:36 Interview with Polina Redler
04:11 Role of RNs in Med Spas
05:35 Compliance and Legalities in Med Spas
17:11 IV Therapy and Its Risks
23:27 Ensuring Safety in Med Spas
37:56 Conclusion and Upcoming Episodes

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