What's up with Texas?

Dr. Kate Dee and Dr. George Davis discuss the issues surrounding medical aesthetics in Texas. They highlight the lack of regulation and oversight in the industry, particularly in regards to who can perform injections and the use of fake or illegal products. They also discuss the dangers of improper injections and the importance of proper training and knowledge of facial anatomy. The conversation emphasizes the need for national standards and regulations to ensure the safety of patients.


  • In Texas, anyone can perform injections as long as a doctor oversees them, leading to a lack of regulation and oversight in the industry.
  • Many med spas in Texas do not follow the law and do not have a medical director overseeing their operations.
  • There is a growing trend of non-doctors taking weekend courses to learn how to inject, often using fake or illegal products.
  • Proper training and knowledge of facial anatomy are crucial for safe and effective injections.
    Patients should ask about the provider's license, medical director, and emergency preparedness before receiving treatments.
  • National standards and regulations are needed to ensure the safety of patients in the medical aesthetics industry.


00:00 Introduction
00:39 Texas and Illegal Medical Practice
04:14 Illegal Practices in Texas
05:13 Source of Illegal Products
06:31 Weekend Courses for Injectors
09:10 Experience and Expertise in Injecting
10:05 Dangers of Improper Injections
11:03 Lack of Medical Directors
12:10 Lack of Oversight and Enforcement
14:04 Unlicensed Practitioners
16:37 Lack of Regulation and Policing
20:17 Legislation and Regulation in Texas
23:38 National Standards and Best Practices
25:25 Regulation in Other States
28:07 Lobbying and Industry Influence
31:22 Complications and Risks
32:23 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Provider
36:19 Cost vs. Safety
36:42 Conclusion

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