11 Benefits of Facials you might not know

Facials have become one of the most popular services in the aesthetics industry; however, you may not know all the benefits they can bring to your skin and overall health. Why should you try out a facial or hydrafacial?

Facials are not just a luxury. You can transform your skin with facial treatments, leading to smoother, glowing skin. Our goal at Glow Medispa is to help you feel confident in your skin. Facials are a huge help in that plan. 

Cleanse your skin

Many people know that facials involve cleansing the skin. In a medical facial, we are able to attain a much more thorough cleanse than you can at home, with high-quality medical grade cleansers and meticulous attention to detail. And with Hydrafacial, we are able to remove the dirt and impurities out of the pores with the device that is almost like a wet vac for your skin. 

Extract pores

In any facial, you will experience extractions. There are several different ways to extract debris from the pores. Most facials include hot towels or steam to allow the pores to open up, and manual extractions of each individual pore. The Hydrafacial uses a series of fluids that enter the pores and are removed, pulling the plugs and debris out with them.

Exfoliate dead skin cells

As you age, the turnover of your skin cells slows– this starts in your 20’s and continues to get worse over your lifetime. The result is a thick layer of dead cells that is dull, leathery and retains all the wrinkles and pigment they have picked up along the way. Both medical facials and Hydrafacial includes a thorough exfoliation step, removing the dead cell layer, leaving you with fresh new cells at the surface that are smoother, brighter and more even in tone.

Improve acne

Acne is formed because the layer of dead cells inside pores combines with dirt and debris to form a plug, and then bacteria grows behind the plug. This pimple has to grow big enough to notice, then big enough to erupt, and then takes days (sometimes weeks) to resolve. Facials exfoliate the dead cells and clean out your pores, helping to prevent future acne. With Hydrafacial, acne-fighting boosters can be used to further kill bacteria and decrease acne. Not all facials are created equal however– many spas and salons use ingredients that are not medical grade, and can actually make you break out. It is a great idea to ask what product line is used in a facial before having one in a new place.

Improve rosacea

Rosacea is a chronic skin condition that causes redness, dilated blood vessels, and often red bumps that look a bit like acne. A medical facial can use ingredients that minimize redness, and Hydrafacial boosters can be infused that treat the condition. Not all facials will help– some products can actually make redness worse– so carefully picking an expert who understands rosacea is critical if you suffer from it.

Improve sun spots

Facials can accomplish two bir things that can help improve sun damage. First they exfoliate the dead cells at the surface of the skin, diminishing the pigment that causes sun spots. Second, ingredients that suppress pigment, like tranexamic acid, can be added to the facial. Make sure you’re going to an expert who can customize your facial to your skin’s needs.


Besides improving various medical skin conditions, facials can also apply anti-aging ingredients to the skin. Antioxidants help the skin resist the damage caused by the sun and UV rays. Collagen-stimulating ingredients can assist the skin preserve its natural thickness and health. Facials have an advantage in that these skin treatments are done immediately after exfoliation when they can best be absorbed by the skin to maximize the effectiveness.

Infuse medical-grade serums

This is a huge advantage of Hydrafacial, and one of the main reasons we offer the service at Glow Medispa. The skin is exfoliated and cleansed so that the medical grade serums can be absorbed well, and various treatments can be used to customize the treatment to any skin type of condition. Serums can be chosen that treat melasma and other pigment disorders, rosacea and redness, and anti-aging boosters.

Hydrate skin

One goal of any facial is to thoroughly hydrate the skin. This plumps the skin, restores a healthy barrier and produces a youthful glow. 

Improve lymphatic flow

Some facial treatments include lymphatic massage. This improves the drainage of the natural fluids and decreases puffiness. The Hydrafacial (the newest ones) include a lymphatic massage suction cup that delivers a very soothing experience while effectively clearing the lymphatics of the face.

Boost collagen with LED 

Many facial treatments include an LED light treatment. Red light from LED has been shown to stimulate the fibroblasts to make collagen. One of the main sources of aging is collagen loss in the skin leading to drooping and wrinkles. Stimulating collagen production is one of the best anti-aging procedures you can do to preserve youthful skin.

Get your glow on!

Facials, including medical facials and Hydrafacial, are not just a luxury! Besides leaving with beautiful glowing skin, you’ll also benefit from all of these additional skin improvements. Be sure to find an expert who can cater these treatments to your specific needs. 

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