How Much Does It Cost for Body Sculpting?

According to the Aesthetic Society statistics, over a million body contouring procedures were performed in 2021. There are many different devices used for this purpose, and as many different opinions about what works best. As with all our services, we have researched the absolute best techniques for non-surgical body contouring. If you are looking to get rid of excess fat, tighten skin and build muscle, then getting body sculpting done at Glow Medispa can improve your confidence and increase your natural beauty.

How Much Does It Cost for Body Sculpting?

If you are considering getting this process done, then you are probably wondering how much it costs. The price will depend on the type of body sculpting that you have done and other factors. You can learn more about cost specifics during a consultation. At Glow Medispa, we use Emsculpt Neo as our prime device to build muscle and kill fat. We use the Exilis Ultra as an adjunct to tighten skin and kill fat in hard-to-reach areas of the body. Our pricing for body sculpting is competitive in this market, ranging from $500 to $1250 per session, with packages and multiple body-part discounts. Other devices will have very different prices. Coolsculpting has been very popular in the past but its popularity has waned in recent years due to some famous law suits. Coolsculpting has traditionally been very expensive, and will cost more over the course of treatment than any other procedure. Most other devices cost less, because (let's face it) they just don't work as well.

The cost of Body Sculpting by Type of Device/Technology

Cryolipolysis: The most well-known body contouring device is Coolsculpting. This technology was developed and FDA approved in 2010, and it is the oldest technology still in use today. Prices for coolsculpting range from $2000-$4000. The prices range widely because the way the device works. It has a very high consumable cost, and the more fat you have the more it will cost.

Radiofrequency: Many devices use radiofrequency (RF) to heat the fat and skin. The most popular RF device in the current market is Trusculpt ID. On average this will cost about $750 per session. We have found that RF alone can work, but it must be combined with other technology to provide the best results.

Ultrasound: Ultrashape is a device that uses focused ultrasound waves for fat burning. It never did work well, and has fallen out of favor. Few places still offer it, but we found the price ranges from $1000 - $4500.

Laser: Sculpsure is a device that uses laser energy to kill fat. This device worked, but in order to deliver enough energy to kill fat, it hurts like the dickens. Many places have sold their Sculpsure devices, but those that are still around charge around $1400 - $1500.

HIFEM (High Frequency Elecromagnetic) or Emsculpt: Emsculpt uses magnetic waves to stimulate muscle contraction to build muscle. This action also kills some fat. Emsculpt alone costs about $750/session.

What is Combination Technology?

at glow medispa we use two devices that combine the best of the above techniques

Emsculpt Neo combines HIFEM and RF. This combination provides the maximal results for both muscle building and fat burning. It will also tighten skin a tiny bit. Prices range from $500 to $1250 per session. Package pricing and multiple body part discounts can bring the price down.

Exilis Ultra combines RF and Ultrasound. This device allows us to add more skin tightening to our Emsculpt Neo treatments in addition to treating fat in harder to reach areas like the bra roll. Price per session averages $500.

Downsides of Surgical Procedures

There are many different types of body sculpting that can be done to improve your looks and get rid of excess skin after massive weight loss. These can include getting rid of excess skin in the lower abdominal region and your inner arms or thighs, liposuction to remove excess fat, or buttock augmentation. As you can imagine, surgical procedures come with their host of downsides. These include involving invasive measures, discomfort and a long recovery period. Not to mention-- they cost a lot more.

Non-Surgical Procedures to the Rescue

Fortunately, there are non-surgical procedures that can be done, and these include skin tightening and body sculpting treatments. You might also consider having some muscle-enhancement treatments done. These are often focused on the stomach and buttocks regions, but treatments can be done on the thighs, arms and calves. For this process, you are hooked up to an electromagnetic energy machine that will contract your muscles. This process is similar to what you experience at the gym, but it takes less time and effort to strengthen and tone the muscles in these areas.

Finding the Best Treatment

When it comes to finding the best treatment for your needs, talking to a professional is the best option. Which treatment you have done will depend on your age, genetics, and how much weight you have lost (if any). You may need some help in a few areas, or you may need to have just one area treated. We will also be able to let you know which of our non-surgical body sculpting treatments will give you the best results. You might have been considering other treatments, such as CoolSculpting. During a consultation, you can learn about the downsides of this treatment and why body sculpting options like Exilis Ultra and EMSCULPT are better.

If you have loose skin and/or a few areas of fat, consider body sculpting at Glow Medispa in Seattle. You are warmly invited to contact our office today to book a consultation and get started. We look forward to hearing from you!

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